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Arena is a place where player's Wizards fight against opponents in Battles.

Battle mechanics

Wizardia's Battle is turn based and requires clever positioning and effective use of Attributes. Fight is conducted between two teams of three Wizards that cast their Spells to deplete the foes’ Health and win the Battle.


The Battle consists of rounds, with each round having a sequence of turns. Starting team is decided by random. During a single round all alive Wizards present on the field make one action each, unless limited by certain conditions, such as previously casted spells, buffs, etc.


During a particular Wizard’s turn, the player can choose between using the active Wizard’s Attribute (Spell) or skipping the turn to regain Mana points (4 Mana points regained).


Consumables can be used (activated) only during particular Wizard's turn. Some consumables provide an instant effect (i.e. restores specific amount of health points) while others can be triggered at a later stage (i.e. which revives the Wizard with 1 Health point once he falls with a 0 Health points).


Wizards fall once their Health is depleted either via own-spell use or the effect of the opponent’s Spells. Fallen Wizards cannot participate in that particular Battle anymore, unless raised and returned to Battle by other Wizards or Spells.


The Battle ends once all three Wizards of one team fall. The winning player receives victory rewards and the defeated player gets a consolation prize, both of which depend on the game mode.

Arena modes

List of battle modes that are currently available in the Arena:

Practice Mode (PvP/PvE)

Practice Mode is free-to-play game mode. That means gamers don't need to own 3 Wizard NFTs to experience Wizardia’s magical gameplay. Every time a player is assigned a randomised selection of Wizards and Consumables and thus providing a chance for players to try out different game strategies. Practice Mode combines PVP and PVE game modes. More info

Tournaments (PvP/PvE)

Game-wide mode where the player’s goal is to win battles and collect as much points as possible. All participants are competing for the same prize pool. More info

Duels (PvP)

Play to Earn battle mode between two players with significant rewards and the possibility to wager Essence (in-game currency) to start earning by actively playing the game. More info

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