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Chikara the Tower is one of the seven Original Wizards that emerged from the Fog.


At a very young age, Chikara delved into the Virt and became addicted. She spent her youth and some of her adulthood fully plugged. Within that alternate reality, she made quite a name for herself. Chikara went by the nick "To" and was constantly listed on the leaderboards of various games and events. Eventually, she was noticed by a talent scout and began competing in Virt championships of strategy and martial style games.

Eventually, she faded away from legal championships. Her actions as the leader of underground daredevil raid group "Muteki" eventually got her into big trouble, as her side was demolished by an opposing faction, losing a huge chunk of virtual assets. Some of those assets were owned by very shady people, and Muteki was forced to collaborate and strategise for a private military effort. While the whole operation started peacefully, by the end of a three-year campaign, the Unified Galactic Fleet had to intervene.

In the aftermath of the event, Chikara finally came to her senses and for the first time in years unplugged from Virt. Naturally, her body was barely functioning at that point, so she underwent heavy physical and mental therapy. Her body was augmented by numerous cybernetic implants. With the help of her sister Hinata, she returned firmly to reality. She now works as a Corporate Enforcer for the Oak Foundation.

During The Tearing Chikara was locked in a gunfight at the Sunflare Plaza in New Tokyo. She was heavily wounded and hiding behind the base of the Sun statue as the Fog spilt onto the park in front of the plaza. Pain, desire to act and the image of her friend's lifeless body on her legs connected something in her mind. She felt as if she was back in the Virt. Without thinking, she summoned a shield and sword and charged through the gunfire.


Chikara is a Mind Wizard.
Mind Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Body Affinity
Soul Affinity


Chikara's Rarities:
Rarity Affinity Quantity Health Mana
Rare Mind 777 Health 1450 Mana 10
Epic Mind 77 Health 1650 Mana 10
Legendary Mind 7 Health 1850 Mana 10


List of Chikara's spells:
Spell Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Hand-Cannon.png Hand Cannon Rare Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 2 Damage 255
Hand-Cannon.png Hand Cannon Epic Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 2 Damage 290
Hand-Cannon.png Hand Cannon Legendary Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 2 Damage 345
Shield-Bash.png Shield Bash Rare Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 540
Shield-Bash.png Shield Bash Epic Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 620
Shield-Bash.png Shield Bash Legendary Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 655
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