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Consumables are Magic potions which make your Wizards stronger during battles. Consumables can heal, replenish mana or revive dead Wizards. Consumables can be used by Wizards in the battles only during their turn. Currently there are 5 consumables available out of 9 that are projected to be introduced later.

List of consumables

Image Name Description ValueMin ValueMax
Health PotionRestores health points450450
Mana PotionRestores mana points77
Mana Steal PotionSteals mana from enemy Wizard with the highest mana33
Revival PotionResurrects Wizard with 1 Health Point11
Shield PotionAdds armor protection to the Wizard350350

Ways to obtain consumables

  • Consumables can be bought in Wizardia shop
  • Consumables can be obtained by participating in paid battles in Arena. Winner has a 80% chance of receiving the award while the defeated player has a 40% chance.
  • Consumables can be obtained by logging in to the Wizardia game daily:
Days in a row Award
Day 1 x 1
Day 2 x 1
Day 3 x 1
Day 4 x 1
Day 5 x 1
Day 6 x 3
Day 7 x 3
x 3
x 3
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