Amin the Deceived

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Amin the Deceived is one of the seven Original Wizards that emerged from the Fog.


Born in the warlike tribe living in the ruins of Sakakah, Amin was raised to be a fighter together with his brothers. He was a devout believer in the eyes of his peers, but in reality, he was an opium addict, with extremely violent tendencies. During his short life, he was subjected to torture, abuse, rape, drugs and slavery.

Just before The Tearing, Amin managed to escape his captors by slaughtering the whole camp and escaping to the desert. Wounded, thirsty and hungry, he collapsed under the night sky, praying and cursing. Suddenly the sand under his body began to shift, and he sank into an ancient facility, where he lost consciousness.

Amin woke up from pain mixed with pleasure. He was lying on top of a dusty chemical laboratory table. There was a bunch of crystals scattered around on the sandy floor, his arm had a syringe stuck in it, half-empty. Above him, a hole in the roof opened up to a Fog covered sky.


Amin is a Body Wizard.
Body Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Soul Affinity
Mind Affinity


Amin's Rarities:
Rarity Affinity Quantity Health Mana
Rare Body 777 Health 1140 Mana 10
Epic Body 77 Health 1325 Mana 10
Legendary Body 7 Health 1500 Mana 10


List of Amin's spells:
Spell Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Fire-Ray.png Fire Ray Rare Body Attack Targets 1 Mana 2 Damage 360
Fire-Ray.png Fire Ray Epic Body Attack Targets 1 Mana 2 Damage 420
Fire-Ray.png Fire Ray Legendary Body Attack Targets 1 Mana 2 Damage 500
Heal.png Heal Rare Body Healing Targets 1 Mana 6 Health 600
Heal.png Heal Epic Body Healing Targets 1 Mana 6 Health 650
Heal.png Heal Legendary Body Healing Targets 1 Mana 6 Health 700
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