Einar the Spark

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Einar the Spark is one of the special Wizards.


Einar was trained and raised to protect the city-state of Aslaugeir. He served in the Einherjar unit of the Aslaugeir defense force. He was acting as much as a bodyguard to the ruling elite, as much as a symbol of bravery and relentless fortitude.

His position required him to be always prepared to face the unexpected and protect the assigned member of the Harsaeti Council from internal and external threats. However, his training and moral compass allowed him to see what had been happening in the city for the last few hundred years. People stagnated. Personal ambition took over the core philosophies of their predecessors.

Eventually, Einar found himself in a position where he had to choose between his moral guidelines and his obligations to the city-state. His choice became history as he was the first of Einherjar to deny a direct order from the Harsaeti Council. His actions led to events that eventually became known as the Catastrophe of the Immortals.


Einar is a Soul Wizard.
Soul Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Mind Affinity
Body Affinity


Einar's Rarities:
Rarity Affinity Quantity Health Mana
Rare Soul 1000 Health 1300 Mana 10
Epic Soul 99 Health 1500 Mana 10
Legendary Soul 7 Health 1700 Mana 10


List of Einar's spells:
Spell Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Defenders-Wrath.png Defenders Wrath Rare Soul Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 400
Defenders-Wrath.png Defenders Wrath Epic Soul Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 450
Defenders-Wrath.png Defenders Wrath Legendary Soul Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 480
Devotees-Sorrow.png Devotees Sorrow Rare Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 2 Damage 200
Devotees-Sorrow.png Devotees Sorrow Epic Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 2 Damage 230
Devotees-Sorrow.png Devotees Sorrow Legendary Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 2 Damage 260
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