Ergork the Bound

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Ergork the Bound is one of the special Wizards.


Ergork, as a cadet for the Unified Galactic Fleet, was tuned by bioengineers to be born in the most efficient form possible. He was one of the first active cadets bred using the new genome, aptly dubbed "3k-gen". This generation was designed to withstand space hazards at least twice as long as the previous genome allowed.

As every cadet, Ergork went through ruthless conditioning and training programs and did survive despite the constant pressure and danger. His abilities were recognised early on, and he was eventually promoted to Captain and commanded Tau Fleet for over 250 years. Eventually, with the shift in power after the Catastrophe of the Immortals, his position had to be passed on to the new generation. Ergork still does not fully know what to do with his unbounded freedom.


Ergork is a Body Wizard.
Body Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Soul Affinity
Mind Affinity


Ergork's Rarities:
Rarity Affinity Quantity Health Mana
Rare Body 1000 Health 1600 Mana 10
Epic Body 99 Health 1800 Mana 10
Legendary Body 7 Health 2000 Mana 10


List of Ergork's spells:
Spell Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Captains-Shockwave.png Captains Shockwave Rare Body Attack Targets 3 Mana 7 Damage 430
Captains-Shockwave.png Captains Shockwave Epic Body Attack Targets 3 Mana 7 Damage 500
Captains-Shockwave.png Captains Shockwave Legendary Body Attack Targets 3 Mana 7 Damage 550
Honor-to-Serve.png Honor to Serve Rare Body Armor Targets 1 Mana 4 Armor 250
Honor-to-Serve.png Honor to Serve Epic Body Armor Targets 1 Mana 4 Armor 300
Honor-to-Serve.png Honor to Serve Legendary Body Armor Targets 1 Mana 4 Armor 350
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