Lucky Coin

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Lucky Coin
Lucky Coin spell


Rose tosses a lucky coin up into the air. One coin multiplies into many and they rain down on enemies, dealing random damage.


Lucky Coin is a Soul spell.

Soul Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Mind Affinity
Body Affinity


Lucky Coin
Wizard Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Rose, the Unbreakable Rare Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 6 Damage 250-550
Rose, the Unbreakable Epic Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 6 Damage 310-610
Rose, the Unbreakable Legendary Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 6 Damage 380-670

Unique Passive Skills

Lucky Coin can be improved with these Unique Passive Skills:
Wizard Description
Rose, the UnbreakableReduces the lower damage threshold from Lucky Coin by 50 damage points. (Example: Damage range instead of 250-550 will become 300-550).

Wizard Leveling tasks

Lucky Coin is connected to these Wizard leveling tasks:
Wizard Level Description
Rose, the Unbreakable5Using the Lucky Coin spell deal above average damage 15 times.
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