Magic Rain

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Magic Rain
Magic Rain spell


Olek spawns a ball of dark energy in his hands and throws it to the sky. The energy spawns a dark rain that falls on all enemies. Deals damage.



Magic Rain is a Soul spell.

Soul Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Mind Affinity
Body Affinity


Magic Rain
Wizard Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Olek, the Reflective Rare Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 4 Damage 290
Olek, the Reflective Epic Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 4 Damage 320
Olek, the Reflective Legendary Soul Attack Targets 3 Mana 4 Damage 350

Unique Passive Skills

Magic Rain can be improved with these Unique Passive Skills:
Wizard Description
Olek, the ReflectiveThe second and subsequent casts of Magic Rain adds additional 40 damage to the spell.

Wizard Leveling tasks

Magic Rain is connected to these Wizard leveling tasks:
Wizard Level Description
Olek, the Reflective5Kill two Wizards at the same time using the Magic Rain spell.
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