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Heal spell


Amin extends his hand to heal a selected ally. Healing runes appear under the ally and a light that heals them spawns.



Heal is a Body spell.

Body Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Soul Affinity
Mind Affinity


Wizard Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Amin, the Deceived Epic Body Healing Targets 1 Mana 6 Health 650
Amin, the Deceived Legendary Body Healing Targets 1 Mana 6 Health 700
Amin, the Deceived Rare Body Healing Targets 1 Mana 6 Health 700

Unique Passive Skills

Heal can be improved with these Unique Passive Skills:
Wizard Description

Wizard Leveling tasks

Heal is connected to these Wizard leveling tasks:
Wizard Level Description
Amin, the Deceived5Heal an ally Wizard below 35% health with the Heal spell 10 times.
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