Hinata the Detached

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Hinata the Detached is one of the special Wizards.


Hinata worked as a social worker, specializing in caring for virts (virtual reality addicts). She was forever condemning the corporations that had unleashed the boundless virtual realities where many had found relief, but many had also lost their lives.

She profoundly believes in the old ways. She had a gorgeous garden in her small apartment. She used to tell stories to her patients and cared about true beauty and power of nature.

She belongs to the Oak Foundation, but does not know what the corporation behind this association is really up to. She is just happy that she can spend her time helping others.


Hinata is a Soul Wizard.
Soul Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Mind Affinity
Body Affinity


Hinata's Rarities:
Rarity Affinity Quantity Health Mana
Rare Soul 69 Health 1100 Mana 10
Epic Soul 7 Health 1300 Mana 10
Legendary Soul 1 Health 1400 Mana 10


List of Hinata's spells:
Spell Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Field-of-Flower.png Field of Flower Rare Soul Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 550
Field-of-Flower.png Field of Flower Epic Soul Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 600
Field-of-Flower.png Field of Flower Legendary Soul Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 650
Lifedrain-Root.png Lifedrain Root Rare Soul Healing Targets 3 Mana 5 Armor 380
Lifedrain-Root.png Lifedrain Root Epic Soul Healing Targets 3 Mana 5 Armor 450
Lifedrain-Root.png Lifedrain Root Legendary Soul Healing Targets 3 Mana 5 Armor 520
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