Lifedrain Root

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Lifedrain Root
Lifedrain Root spell


Huge roots entangle the enemy and begin to draw out his life force; once enough is accumulated, they blossom.


Lifedrain Root is a Soul spell.

Soul Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Mind Affinity
Body Affinity


Lifedrain Root
Wizard Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Hinata, the Detached Rare Soul Healing Targets 3 Mana 5 Health 360
Hinata, the Detached Epic Soul Healing Targets 3 Mana 5 Health 430
Hinata, the Detached Legendary Soul Healing Targets 3 Mana 5 Health 500

Unique Passive Skills

Lifedrain Root can be improved with these Unique Passive Skills:
Wizard Description
Hinata, the DetachedLifedrain Root additionally drains 1 mana from the enemy. She does not receive drained mana for herself.

Wizard Leveling tasks

Lifedrain Root is connected to these Wizard leveling tasks:
Wizard Level Description
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