Shield Bash

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Shield Bash
Shield Bash spell


A shield made of energy spawns in front of Chikara. After a second, Chikara runs towards the shield and hits it with her shoulder, pushing the shield towards a random enemy. Deals damage.



Shield Bash is a Mind spell.

Mind Affinity
Stronger thanWeaker than
Body Affinity
Soul Affinity


Shield Bash
Wizard Rarity Affinity Type Targets Cost Value
Chikara, the Tower Rare Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 540
Chikara, the Tower Epic Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 620
Chikara, the Tower Legendary Mind Attack Targets 1 Mana 5 Damage 655

Unique Passive Skills

Shield Bash can be improved with these Unique Passive Skills:
Wizard Description

Wizard Leveling tasks

Shield Bash is connected to these Wizard leveling tasks:
Wizard Level Description
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