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Wizard Task description
Amin, the DeceivedHeal an ally Wizard below 35% health with the Heal spell 10 times.
Chikara, the TowerDestroy an enemy Wizard with the Hand Cannon spell 5 times.
Crizal, the AlluringKill 10 enemy Wizards.
Einar, the SparkUse Devotees Sorrow spell on 3 enemy Wizards 15 times.
Elzevir, the ScribeDeal 5,000 damage to Body affinity Wizards.
Ergork, the BoundUse Honor to Serve spell 15 times.
Hinata, the DetachedHeal 10,000 health with the Field of Flower spell.
Olek, the ReflectiveKill two Wizards at the same time using the Magic Rain spell.
Petro, the 1Kill 5 Wizards using the Improvised Grenade spell.
Rose, the UnbreakableUsing the Lucky Coin spell deal above average damage 15 times.
Seven, the TornKill 5 Wizards with the Scream spell.
S, the UnrestrainedDeal 5,000 damage to Mind affinity Wizards.
Tah Mut Tah, the IndulgingWin 10 battles with Tah remaining alive.
Tsering, the ImpatientDeal 5,000 damage to Soul affinity Wizards.
Wahbu, the YouthfulKill 5 Wizards using Chain of Lightning spell.
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