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List of unique passive skills
Wizard Description
Amin, the DeceivedFire Ray also deals 50% damage to adjacent Wizards on the sides. If the spell is cast on the central Wizard - then 50% of the damage will be dealt to Wizards in spots #1 and #3. If the spell is cast on a Wizard in spot #3 - then 50% of the damage will be dealt only to Wizard in spot #2 (if the Wizard is alive).
Amin, the DeceivedFire Ray will heal Amin for 20% of the damage dealt.
Chikara, the TowerEvery 3rd use of Hand Cannon will cost 0 mana.
Chikara, the TowerEvery 5th use of Hand Cannon will deal double damage.
Crizal, the AlluringStar Fall deals 100 more damage if it only hits 1 target.
Crizal, the Alluring+150 Armor at the start of Battle.
Einar, the SparkIf health is less than 30% - then damage dealt is increased by 20%.
Einar, the SparkRecovers health equal to 10% of the damage dealt.
Elzevir, the ScribeIf Elzevir is alive - enemy Wizards take 10 damage after their turn. (skipping a turn does not remove this effect).
Elzevir, the ScribeWizard attacking Elzevir takes 30 damage.
Ergork, the BoundEvery 3rd use of Honor to Serve in battle will increase armor by 250.
Ergork, the BoundHonor to Serve costs 1 less mana.
Hinata, the DetachedLifedrain Root additionally drains 1 mana from the enemy. She does not receive drained mana for herself.
Hinata, the DetachedIf Hinata is in a team and is alive - after each turn of Hinata or an allied Wizard, the entire team restores 10 health points including Hinata herself.
Olek, the ReflectiveThe second and subsequent casts of Magic Rain adds additional 40 damage to the spell.
Olek, the ReflectiveAffinity damage taken is reduced by 5%.
Petro, the 1Every 5 casts of Improvised Grenade will deal 5x damage.
Petro, the 1Improvised Grenade costs 0 mana.
Rose, the UnbreakableReduces the lower damage threshold from Lucky Coin by 50 damage points. (Example: Damage range instead of 250-550 will become 300-550).
Rose, the UnbreakableRose's damage taken becomes random in the range of -100 / +50 of damage taken.
S, the UnrestrainedSpikes ignore 10% of affinity defense.
S, the UnrestrainedIf the target Wizard is below 40% health, the Magic Explosion spell will immediately kill it.
Seven, the TornWhen Seven skips a turn - it restores an additional 1 mana to allied Wizards if they are alive.
Seven, the TornIf Encore is cast on 3 alive enemy Wizards - it deals 50 more damage.
Tah Mut Tah, the IndulgingEarth Protection additionally applies 100 Armor.
Tah Mut Tah, the IndulgingAfter Tah ends his turn, he heals himself for 50 health.
Tsering, the ImpatientCasting Black Hole restores an additional 150 health for Tsering.
Tsering, the ImpatientWhen Tsering dies - all enemy Wizards lose 3 mana.
Wahbu, the YouthfulThunderstorm now deals pure damage, ignoring damage increase or decrease from affinity.
Wahbu, the YouthfulChain of Lightning deals 100 more damage if it only hits 1 target.
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